Martens Today


Today our three companies have evolved into Martens Fresh LLC. Fresh-cut industrial packing is still a big part of our daily operations.  As the frozen food industry continues to grow, our family invests in our frozen operations. Packing frozen fruits and vegetables industrially, for retail, and food service markets  is another big piece of what we do! Martens Fresh also is offering private label packaging and co-packing, our IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) & Blanching team can meet all customer specifications. Today, Martens Fresh LLC continues and honors our family heritage by producing the finest quality products with the highest level of food safety standards.

Moving forward in 2020, the family is expanding there frozen operations even further! The Martens family has purchased a 130,000 square foot frozen distribution center under the name of iFreeze in Fulton, NY. This addition is designed to accommodate the growth in the frozen food industry. Martens Fresh will be offering co-packing of fruits and vegetables in even higher volumes with the addition of adding more new equipment and employees!

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